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Banjo-Kazooie™ - Banjo-Kazooie Duet 1/4

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Artists: Alexander Pascenko, Tu Bui, Steven Stahlberg, Marc-André "MAD" Ducharme, Martin Drávucz, Narudol Rachartirach

This is a kick starter for the ¼ Scale Banjo Duet Statue. It has been requested by the community many times since the debut of the 1/7 scale Banjo Duet Statue. In order for this project to be green lit, we are asking for at least 250 pieces to be preordered in order to move forward.

We will make a decision by March 10th 2024 if this project is happening and update people then.

If the project is not happening, then we will refund all monies accordingly.

If the project is happening, we will proceed to make the prototype and keeping everyone updated on the process.

Once the prototype is completed, anyone who placed their preorder for the ¼ scale version who doesn’t like the look of it will be entitled to a full refund (over a 2 week grace period from the moment the pictures are available).

We will then give a month’s window to close any Early Bird Offers for this project and proceed to manufacturing as per usual.

For Banjo Duet 1/7 Duet owners that wish to place an order for the ¼ Duet statue and wish to cancel their 1/7 order, you should only cancel after the ¼ scale statue has been green lit (250 orders places). You should first place your order for the ¼ scale statue and then contact customer service to say you wish to cancel your 1/7 order. Once they can see you have a ¼ scale Duet statue order as well, you will be entitled to a full refund of your 1/7 Duet Order.

For Banjo Duet 1/7 Duet owners that wish to keep their 1/7 Duet order, you don’t need to do anything.


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