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Berserk - Skull Knight (Definitive White Bone Variant)


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Artists: Tu Bui, Steven Stahlberg, Reza Sedghi and Fabrício Batista

First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest ¼ scale resin statue collectible, Skull Knight. This is the second statue to release in the Berserk lineup.

The design of this statue is inspired by the scene in the anime where Skull Knight makes a forceful entrance to rescue Luca from the Egg of the Perfect World. Starting off with the base, there are skulls and candles on it imitating the scene. Below it is a scroll of cutscenes from the first season of the anime.

Skull Knight is in the dynamic pose he makes in the anime when landing in the cave from above. His cape especially gives this feeling that he just landed from a high place. His armor, sword, and shield also have weathering effect on them to reflect the countless battles he's been in throughout centuries. And, like the Exclusive Edition, the Definitive Edition also comes with an LED function for his eyes to capture the same glow his eyes make in the anime.

What sets the Definitive Edition apart is the more robust and detailed base. In the anime scene, the Egg of the Perfect World was resting beneath an idol made of skin and bones. Skull Knight tried to attack the apostle when he made his entrance but dodged, destroying the idol in the process. This base is inspired by that shattered idol. The flames have 2 LED functions: a static mode and an animated mode where the effects resemble the flickering of flames. The tinges of orange around the statue aren't caused by the lights from the flames; these are painted on to still give the piece a fiery effect even with the lights turned off. And finally, a small detail we wanted to incorporate is the Behelit, found in the crow's mouth.

The White Bone Variant is the same statue as the Definitive Edition except that the paint application on this is more true to the color of bones for those who prefer a more realistic take on it.

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Berserk – Skull Knight (Definitive White Bone Variant) comes with the following:

  • Berserk – Skull Knight resin statue (Definitive White Bone Variant)
  • Base inspired by the shattered idol made of skin and bones with Behelit included (contains two (2) LED functions)
  • Eyes with LED function
  • Authentication Card

Place an order on or before 13th April 2020, 16:00 Hong Kong time to receive a 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and extra reward points!

  • Early Bird Price: 719.99 USD + Shipping
  • Bonus F4F Reward Points

Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of 799.99 USD applies by the end of the Early Bird promotion.

This pre-order period will close on 4th May 2020.**

Statue numbers will be assigned randomly. There is no first-come, first-serve policy when allocating statue numbers.

*Prototype shown. Final product may be slightly different. Product details may be subject to change without further notice.

Subject for final approval.

Product Size:

Statue including base:

Height – 32 inches (81 cm)

Width – 23 inches (59 cm)

Depth – 25.5 inches (65 cm)

Weight – 17.422 KG

Estimated Release Date: Q4 2021

Please note that a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD) will be taken at the time of purchase. (NRD is 10% of the item's purchase price.)

** If by the end of the pre-order period the Exclusive and Definitive Editions do not reach a combined total of at least 1,000 pieces sold, the pre-order period will remain open until the goal is met or before production begins. If at least 1,000 pieces are sold within the initial pre-order period, the pre-ordering process will end as scheduled.


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