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Psycho Mantis (Regular)


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Artists: Kaushik manna & Vinai Mangalagiri

First 4 Figures is proud to present the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis statue.

"From the moment we're thrown into this world, we're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery."

Psycho Mantis possesses powerful psychic abilities. He declares himself the most powerful telepath and psychokinetic in the world. He is able to generate hallucinations and take control of people's minds to manipulate them. The gas mask he wears is used to help prevent people's thoughts from forcing their way into his mind.

His mother died giving birth to him resulting in his father hating him. Psycho Mantis discovered how his father felt about him after accidentally reading his mind. He began to worry that his father might kill him. Psycho Mantis used his telekinetic powers to burn down the village he lived in. No one survived, including his father, and the incident left Psycho Mantis burned and scarred especially on his facial area.

Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis REGULAR edition comes with the following:-

  • Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis statue
  • Highly detailed base capturing an action scene based from the Metal Gear Solid series
  • ONE headsculpt (Mask on)
  • Authentication Card

This is the second statue in First 4 Figures’ Metal Gear Solid line. If you already have authenticated the previous statue in the line (Solid Snake) then you will be entitled to receive the same number for Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis (Where applicable)

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different. Product details can subject to change without further notice.


Subject to final approval.


Product Size:

Statue including base

Height - 26 inches (66cm)

Width -  13 inches (33cm)

Depth -  16 inches (41cm)

Weight: 7.2KG

Estimated Release Date: Q3 2019


Please note that a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD) will be taken at the time of purchase. (A deposit of 10% of the item's purchase price)


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