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Sonic the Hedgehog - Amy Definitive Edition

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Artists: Marc-André "MAD" Ducharme, Alexander Pascenko, Steven Stahlberg, Tu Bui, Narudol Rachartirach, RafaKnight
First 4 Figures proudly presents the high-quality resin statue of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Amy! Amy is described as a cheerful, yet formidable, part of Sonic’s team. She made her video game debut in 1993, and to this day, she proclaims herself to be Sonic’s #1 fangirl! This statue features Amy in a faithful recreation of her video game appearance, from her vibrant pink coloring to her bright red dress and shoes. Amy is also wielding her signature Piko Piko Hammer, ready to smash any evil robots in her way! For the definitive edition, Amy comes with an interchangeable right arm. This arm makes it so Amy is holding an adorable Chao version of herself! Also in the definitive edition, Amy is on top of a more detailed and expanded base with three cute Chao! Each Chao is highly-detailed and unique.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Amy Definitive Edition includes:
  • Premium Painted Resin Statue of Amy
  • Playful pose with her Piko Piko Hammer behind her back
  • Expanded base inspired by the classic Green Hill Zone from the video games
  • Three highly-detailed and unique Chao on the base
  • Interchangeable right arm with pink Amy Chao
  • Limited edition numbering
  • Authentication Card
Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of 549.99 USD (excluding tax and shipping). 
Statue numbers will be assigned randomly. There is no first-come, first-serve policy when allocating statue numbers. 
*Prototype shown. Final product may be slightly different. Product details may be subject to change without further notice. 
Subject for final approval. 
Product Size:  
Statue including base:
H: 14” / 35.5cm
W: 12.8” / 32.6cm
D: 12.6” / 32cm
Weight: 6.3kg
Edition Size: TBD 
Estimated Release Date: Q4 2023
Please note that a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD) will be taken at the time of purchase. (NRD is 15% of the item's purchase price.)


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