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Okami – Amaterasu PVC: Karmic Transformer 8 (Blade of Kusanagi Collector's Edition)

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Artists: Tu Bui, Tushank Jaiswal, Studio Hive

First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest PVC collectible, Amaterasu PVC: Karmic Transformer 8 statue. This is a color variant of the original Amaterasu 9” PVC statue.

The highly detailed Amaterasu statue is seen striking a dynamic pose, as if descending from the Celestial Plain. The base design is inspired by the smoke, foliage, and flower buds that trail behind Ammy the faster she sprints, and on the floor is the symbol of the Sunrise brush technique when performed successfully.

Upon finishing the game for the first time, you unlock character skins for Amaterasu called Karmic Transformers, and the type of skins you unlock will depend on the accomplishments you achieved during your first playthrough. Each Karmic Transformer has a unique design, and Karmic Transformer 8, in particular, is based on the grey Shiranui statue found in the Kamui region.

Apart from the 13 Celestial Brush techniques, Amaterasu also has an arsenal of Divine Instruments at her disposal to fend off the evil spread across all of Nippon. There are three types: Reflectors, Rosaries, and Glaives. This statue comes with the Blade of Kusanagi Glaive, and this Collector's Edition comes with a bright LED function for the Blade of Kusanagi. The collector's edition does not include a battery or a USB cable.

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Okami – Amaterasu PVC: Karmic Transformer 8 (Blade of Kusanagi Collector's Edition) comes with the following:

  • Okami – Amaterasu PVC: Karmic Transformer 8 painted statue
  • Highly detailed base inspired by the Okami art style
  • Blade of Kusanagi with static LED function

*Prototype shown. Final product may be slightly different. Product details may be subject to change without further notice.

Subject for final approval.

Product Size:

Statue including base:

Height – 9 inches (23cm)
Width – 8 inches (20cm)
Depth – 9 inches (23cm)
Weight – 0.7 KG

Edition Size: TBD

Estimated Release Date: Q3 2021

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