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This product has been retired.

This means that there is currently no plans to produce more. If you are one of the lucky owners of a Warp Star Kirby (Regular), you own a highly collectible and limited piece. Congratulations!

Warp Star Kirby (Regular)

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Artists: LEO B DOLON

First 4 Figures is proud to present the highly anticipated Warp Star Kirby statue.

Kirby is a small, pink puffball with two stubby arms. Kirby's body is soft and flexible allowing him to flatten himself or expand like a balloon. Kirby is very cheerful and almost always has a positive attitude. He loves to help people so much that he sometimes goes out of his way to do it.

Kirby uses many items to assist people. To get around he uses the Warp Star. The Warp Star is a glowing, yellow, star-shaped vehicle that resembles a shooting star. It serves as Kirby's primary mode of transportation and allows him to travel quickly between areas.

A Warp Star can be steered using the rider's thoughts to fly them through the sky. Kirby is a very accomplished flyer of Warp Stars except he has the tendency to crash land, sending him flying and destroying the Warp Star in the process.

Kirby - Warp Star Kirby REGULAR edition comes with the following:-

  • Kirby - Warp Star Kirby statue
  • Highly detailed base capturing the theme and style from the Kirby game series
  • Authentication Card

This is the fourth statue in First 4 Figures’ Kirby line. If you already have authenticated the previous statue in the line (Fighter Kirby) then you will be entitled to receive the same number for Kirby - Warp Star Kirby (Where applicable)

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different. Product details can subject to change without further notice.

Subject to final approval.

Product Size:

Statue including base

Height - 12 inches (30cm)

Width - 12 inches (30cm)

Depth -  15 inches (38cm)

Weight: 7.55KG

Estimated Release Date: Q3 2019

Please note that a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD) will be taken at the time of purchase. (A deposit of 10% of the item's purchase price)


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